Public FAQ

What is a virtual airline?

A virtual airline is, typically, an organisation which imitates or closely mimics the real-world operations of an actual airline. Some virtual airlines (VA) do not do this and instead operate with their own infrastructure or, as is the case with Knight Aviation, provide a combination of both systems.

What are the benefits of membership?

Like any other club, a VA offers the chance to join a group of like minded people who have similar interests. Knight Aviation has an active social media and discord presence for both current and former members, and a forum for registered users.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Most VA's do not charge for membership and Knight Aviation is no exception. The only stipulation is that you fly for the VA at least once within a given time period. In our case, this is a generous 120 days.

Can I just fly where and when I want?

Most airlines have a very rigid scheduling system. Whilst the actual time of day is left to the pilot (flight times are usually provided), there are normally fixed routes for you to fly much like a real airline would have. That said, most VA's also have a flying club attached to them which offers a little more freedom. It will usually be required to use an ACARS program to record any scheduled flights you do for the VA.

Do I have to fly online?

Generally, VA's will encourage you to fly with providers such as VATSim or IVAO but it isn't mandatory. Knight Aviation is no exception on this but we do have GA (General Aviation) club flights which are operated on an independent server so it's just our own members. This offers a less daunting way to learn about online flights and ATC procedures without the pressure of being surrounded by lots of other people needing the attention of the controllers.

Do I need to be experienced at flying?

Not at all! Although joining requirements do vary from one VA to another, you can join Knight Aviation with no experience whatsoever. Our facebook group, discord, and forums are a great place to ask questions and learn from other members of the VA about flight simulation, air traffic control, and setup or flying the aircraft. We also plan to have tutorial sessions on our youtube channel.

Can I transfer my hours from another VA?.

When you register there is the facility to record any previous flight hours you have accrued. However, everyone at Knight Aviation starts at zero hours for rank progression. Unlike many VA's, Knight Aviation do not place restrictions on the aircraft or flight type you have access to at any point in your career with us.

Is Knight Aviation just for airliner flights?

Knight Aviation has a wide range of operations spread across multiple airlines. We also have a very active aero-club with sessions every Monday and Thursday evening (UK Local 1830 - 2100 approx). Unlke many VA's, the hours flown with the aero-club all count towards your rank progression. In conjunctions with our subsidiary, GB Air Taxi, we also support the use of FS Economy with operations in the United Kingdom, France, and Africa.

What simulators can Knight Aviation support?

In short, all of them. Our ACARS system recognises all of the major simulation platforms so you can use whichever you wish. Our fleet is constantly updated with both freeware and payware options available for all platforms.

Do I have to use the type of aircraft shown in the schedules?

No. All we ask is that you something that is comparable in passenger (or cargo) size to the type shown. For example, it would be acceptable to use an A320 for a flight assigned to a B737. The ACARS system will identify the actual air-frame type used.