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KNIGHT AIR knights of the virtual airways


Andy Kewley


Andy joined Knight Air in 2001 with the Leeds Bradford hub. He has held a number of roles including Assistant Hub Manager, Fleet Manager and Co-Director. 

Away from flight simulation, Andy is a driver with Bus Vannin on the Isle of Man and a Duty Manager with the Jurby Transport Trust where he is custodian of a preserved ambulance.

Chaz Charlton

Hub Captain: Cargo

Chaz joined Knight in the late 1990’s at the Teesside hub becoming hub captain at Leeds before ending up as overall co-director of Knight Air with Andy Kewley.

When not flying in flight simulator Chaz is a professional recording engineer, composer, and producer and runs Shifting Sands Audio near Melbourne.

Gray Brett

Hub Captain: Flying Club

Gray joined Knight Air in the early 2000's eventually becoming the Personnel Director. He has strong links with general aviation and was a real world pilot with PPL/IMC/Night rating and Glider Bronze 'C' licences. He now heads up the Flying Club with responsibilty for basic flight training operations and flying club events.

In the real world, Gray works for his local ambulance service and enjoys the occassional round of golf. 

Roger Harris

Hub Captain: Gatwick

Roger joined us in January 2018 from FlyUKV. He's been a flight simulator enthusiast since 1995 and has amassed many hours with, amongst others, Beluga Airways and FlyUKV. He's building a Captain's-side-only 737-800 simpit in his shed using FS9, iFly 737 and a lot of imagination! At one time or another, Roger has held a Microlight PPL and a NPPL, having flown both Flexwing and 3-axis microlights and Piper Warriors. He therefore has some knowledge about the theory of flight, navigation and landing in fields... Having spent a long career at sea as a professional yacht Captain, he's now 'swallowed the anchor' and drives lorries for Royal Mail part-time. Roger is Gatwick Hub Captain.

Norman Blackburn

Vatsim Liason

Position Vacant

Fleet Manager

The role of fleet manager includes:

Maintaining aircraft serviceability across all Knight Air hubs.
Monitoring fleet location availability.
The sourcing and repainting of models, both freeware and payware, across multiple simulation platforms.

To apply for this position, in the first instance, please contact

Nikki Kewley

Human Resources Manager

Jenny Wernham

Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer

Jenny joined the Knight Air team in 2014 as our Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer. She has a wide range of experience in similar roles with voluntary aid societies and the Air Training Corps. 

Beth Kewley

440 Sqn ATC Liason