Knight Air Virtual Airline

KNIGHT AIR knights of the virtual airways



Pilots must be in possession of a legal copy of whichever flight simulator platform and addons they choose. We currently offer support for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX onwards) and its derivitives although other simulator platforms may be used.

Pilots must be over the age of 13.

A flight must be recorded at least every 30 days. There is no limit to the number of flights that may be flown but all flights must be conducted in real time. 

Joining information must be accurate and relevant. Anyone using false information will be removed from the roster.

Pilots must show professionalism when flying with Knight Air.

New pilots must complete their first flight within 30 days from his acceptance day.

Bullying and harrassment of any other member will not be tolerated and will be dealt with robustly.

Knight Air has the right to revoke the membership of any pilot who fail to adhere to the airline’s rules and regulations or does not behave according to the airline’s policy.