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NOTAM NameStaff Vacancies
NOTAM Creation Date2018-03-03
NOTAM Publish Date2018-03-03

We currently have the following staff vacancies. To apply for any of the roles below, in the first instance email HR Department:

Fleet Manager

The role of the Fleet Manager is primarily the day to day management of the Knight Air fleet. To do this, you will ensure that aircraft are always ready for service by monitoring the status of the aircraft and ensuring that they receive maintenance at an appropriate time. You will also be required to have competance working with PSD files for the creation of the Knight Air livery on both freeware and payware aircraft. You will responsible for identifying, testing, and implementing appropriate freeware that meet with Knight Air requirements.

Hub Captain : Cardiff

The role of the Hub Captain is the creation of flight schedules for the designated hub for spring/summer and autumn/Winter routes. Change over of schedules to happen last day of March (spring/summer) and last day of August (autumn/winter). You will also create time restricted tours and special events for designated hub as directed by Ops-Staff. You will manage the pilots at your designated hub by the approval / decline of PIREPS for designated hub, issue warnings and deletion if the pilot is inactive without reason, update hours related promotions. In a secondary role, you will also monitor and approve / decline of PIREPS for any pending submission for all hubs, monitor the forum to ensure posts within Knight Air policy, and report any instances of Child & Vulnerable Adult concerns to the designated officer.

Flight Instructors

The role of the Flight Instructor is to work with the HC : Woodvale to delivery a flight training programme to Air Training Corps cadets using a shared cockpit technology. You will be able to demonstrate competence in principles of flight, aircraft systems, online flight regulations, and navigation. You will also be able to evidence an ability to instruct students of all abilities and backgrounds.

Please note that this is a restricted role to those that can provide evidence of a CRB check or similar.