Knight Air

Knight Air knights of the virtual airways

DL/A (Cost Shared) £10/aircraft -1,119,718.70
Catering Services -281,358.00
Airport Handling -43,758.74
Fuel -702,276.23
Insurance -28,219.71
Cabin Crew -21,114.18
Engineering Services -86,114.92
Corporation Tax -1,023.39
Administration -261.80
Navigation -19,188.00
In-Flight Sales 750,288.00
Shares 76.44
Premium Fares 9,397.53
Baggage Fee 63,823.40
Partner Promotion 807.94
Cargo in regular routes 10,000,896.00
PAX in regular routes 2,808,570.00
DC3 M-RAFC Douglas DC3 M-RAFC 0.00
DC3 M-BAEA Douglas DC3 M-BAEA 0.00
E120 M-KNTI Embraer EMB120 M-KNTI 0.00
E120 M-KNTJ Embraer EMB120 M-KNTJ 0.00
E120 M-KNTK Embraer EMB120 M-KNTK 0.00
E120 M-KNTL Embraer EMB120 M-KNTL 0.00
A320 G-KTAH Airbus A320-200 G-KTAH 0.00
A320 G-KNTC Airbus A320-200 G-KNTC 0.00
A320 G-KNTF Airbus A320-200 G-KNTF 0.00
A320 G-KNTG Airbus A320-200 G-KNTG 0.00
A320 G-KNTI Airbus A320-200 G-KNTI 0.00
A312 M-RAFA Airbus A310-300 M-RAFA 0.00
A312 M-RAFB Airbus A310-300 M-RAFB 0.00
A312 G-KNTK Airbus A310-300 G-KNTK 0.00
A312 G-KNTL Airbus A310-300 G-KNTL 0.00
A313 G-KNTO Airbus A310-300 G-KNTO 0.00
B733 G-KNTH Boeing B737-300 G-KNTH 0.00
B733 EI-KTA Boeing B737-300 EI-KTA 0.00
B733 EI-KTB Boeing B737-300 EI-KTB 0.00
B350 M-KNTA Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTA 0.00
B350 M-KNTB Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTB 0.00
B350 M-KNTC Beechcraft King Air 350 M-KNTC 0.00
B738 G-KNTM Boeing B737-800 G-KNTM 0.00
B738 G-KNTN Boeing B737-800 G-KNTN 0.00
B738 G-KTAF Boeing B737-800 G-KTAF 0.00
B752 G-KAPB Boeing B757-200 G-KAPB 0.00
B752 G-KTCP Boeing B757-200 G-KTCP 0.00
B752 G-KTCQ Boeing B757-200 G-KTCQ 0.00
B752 G-KNTP Boeing B757-200 G-KNTP 0.00
B752 G-KNTQ Boeing B757-200 G-KNTQ 0.00
B752 G-KNTR Boeing B757-200 G-KNTR 0.00
B752 G-KNTS Boeing B757-200 G-KNTS 0.00
B752 G-KNTT Boeing B757-200 G-KNTT 0.00
B752 G-KNTS Boeing B757-200 G-KNTU 0.00
B752 G-KNTU Boeing B757-200 G-KNTU 0.00
B744 G-BNLI Boeing B747-400 G-BNLI 0.00
B744 G-KNTB Boeing B747-400 G-KNTB 0.00
B744 G-KNTV Boeing B747-400 G-KNTV 0.00
B744 G-KNTW Boeing B747-400 G-KNTW 0.00
B744 G-KNTX Boeing B747-400 G-KNTX 0.00
B744 G-KNTY Boeing B747-400 G-KNTY 0.00
B744 G-KNTZ Boeing B747-400 G-KNTZ 0.00
B744 G-KTAC Boeing B747-400 G-KTAC 0.00
B744 G-KTAD Boeing B747-400 G-KTAD 0.00
B744 G-KTAG Boeing B747-400 G-KTAG 0.00
B744 G-KTAI Boeing B747-400 G-KTAI 0.00
B744 G-KTAJ Boeing B747-400 G-KTAJ 0.00
B744 G-KTAK Boeing B747-400 G-KTAK 0.00
B744 G-KTAL Boeing B747-400 G-KTAL 0.00
B744 G-KTAM Boeing B747-400 G-KTAM 0.00
B744 G-KTAN Boeing B747-400 G-KTAN 0.00
B744 G-KTAO Boeing B757-200 G-KTAO 0.00
B752 G-KTAP Boeing B747-400 G-KTAP 0.00
B744 G-KTAQ Boeing B747-400 G-KTAQ 0.00
B744 G-KTAR Boeing B747-400 G-KTAR 0.00
B744 G-KTAS Boeing B747-400 G-KTAS 0.00
B744 G-KTAS Boeing B747-400 G-KTAS 0.00
B744 G-KTAT Boeing B747-400 G-KTAT 0.00
B744 G-KTAU Boeing B747-400 G-KTAU 0.00
B744 G-KTAV Boeing B747-400 G-KTAV 0.00
B744 G-KTAW Boeing B747-400 G-KTAW 0.00
B744 G-KTAX Boeing B747-400 G-KTAX 0.00
B744 G-KTAY Boeing B747-400 G-KTAY 0.00
B744 G-KTAZ Boeing B747-400 G-KTAZ 0.00
B744 G-KTBA Boeing B747-400 G-KTBA 0.00
B744 G-KTBB Boeing B747-400 G-KTBB 0.00
B744 G-KTBC Boeing B747-400 G-KTBC 0.00
B744 G-KTBD Boeing B747-400 G-KTBD 0.00
B744 G-KTBE Boeing B747-400 G-KTBE 0.00
B744 G-KTBF Boeing B747-400 G-KTBF 0.00
B744 G-KTBG Boeing B747-400 G-KTBG 0.00
B744 G-KTBH Boeing B747-400 G-KTBH 0.00
B744 G-KTBI Boeing B747-400 G-KTBI 0.00
B744 G-KTBJ Boeing B747-400 G-KTBJ 0.00
B744 G-KTBK Boeing B747-400 G-KTBK 0.00
B744 G-KTBL Boeing B747-400 G-KTBL 0.00
B744 G-KTBM Boeing B747-400 G-KTBM 0.00
B744 G-KTBN Boeing B747-400 G-KTBN 0.00
B744 G-KTBO Boeing B747-400 G-KTBO 0.00
B744 G-KTBP Boeing B747-400 G-KTBP 0.00
B744 G-KTBQ Boeing B747-400 G-KTBQ 0.00
B744 G-KTBR Boeing B747-400 G-KTBR 0.00
B744 G-KTBS Boeing B747-400 G-KTBS 0.00
B744 G-KTBT Boeing B747-400 G-KTBT 0.00
B744 G-KTBU Boeing B747-400 G-KTBU 0.00
B744 G-KTBV Boeing B747-400 G-KTBV 0.00
B744 G-KTBW Boeing B747-400 G-KTBW 0.00
B744 G-KTBX Boeing B747-400 - G-KTBX 0.00
B744 G-KTBY Boeing B747-400 G-KTBY 0.00
B744 G-KTBZ Boeing B747-400 G-KTBZ 0.00
C172 M-KNTF Cessna C172 M-KNTF -206,487.00
C172 M-KNTN Cessna C172 M-KNTN -206,487.00
A313 M-SPRT Airbus A310-300 M-SPRT 0.00
A320 D-KNTA Airbus A320-200 D-KNTA 0.00
A320 D-KNTB Airbus A320-200 D-KNTB 0.00
A320 D-KNTD Airbus A320-200 D-KNTD 0.00
A320 D-KNTE Airbus A320-200 D-KNTE 0.00
A320 D-KNTF Airbus A320-200 D-KNTF 0.00
A320 D-KNTG Airbus A320-200 D-KNTG 0.00
A320 D-KNTH Airbus A320-200 D-KNTH 0.00
C208 M-KNTE Cessna C208B 0.00
C208 G-KTCR Cessna C208B G-KTCR 0.00
C208 G-KTCS Cessna 208B G-KTCS 0.00
SST G-KTAE BAC Concorde G-KTAE 0.00
SST G-KTCT BAC Concorde G-KTCT 0.00
SST G-KCTU BAC Concorde G-KTCU 0.00
SST G-KCTV BAC Concorde G-KTCV 0.00
SST G-KTCW BAC Concorde G-KTCW 0.00
SST G-KTCX BAC Concorde G-KTCX 0.00
E120 G-KNTE Embraer EMB120 G-KNTE 0.00
E120 G-KTCY Embraer EMB120 G-KTCY 0.00
E120 G-KTCZ Embraer EMB120 G-KTCZ 0.00
E120 G-KTDA Embraer EMB120 G-KTDA 0.00
B738 G-KTDB Boeing B737-800 G-KTDB 0.00
B738 G-KTDC Boeing B737-800 G-KTDC 0.00
B738 G-KTDD Boeing B737-800 G-KTDD 0.00
B738 G-KTDE Boeing B737-800 G-KTDE 0.00
B738 G-KTDF Boeing B737-800 G-KTDF 0.00
B738 G-KTDG Boeing B737-800 G-KTDG 0.00
B738 G-KTDH Boeing B737-800 G-KTDH 0.00
E120 G-KTDI Embraer EMB120 G-KTDI 0.00
E120 G-KTDJ Embraer EMB120 G-KTDJ 0.00
E120 G-KTDK Embraer EMB120 G-KTDK 0.00
DC10F G-KTDL McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDL 0.00
DC10F G-KTDM McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDM 0.00
DC10F G-KTDN McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDN 0.00
DC10F G-KTDO McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDO 0.00
DC10F G-KTDP McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDP 0.00
DC10F G-KTDQ McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDQ 0.00
DC10F G-KTDR McDonnell Douglas DC10F G-KTDR 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTDS Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTDS 0.00
CRJ2 G-KNTJ Bombardier CRJ200 G-KNTJ 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTDT Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTDT 0.00
CRJ2 G-KTDU Bombardier CRJ200 G-KTDU 0.00
DH8 G-KNTX DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 G-KNTX 0.00
DH8 G-KNTY DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 G-KNTY 0.00
DH8 G-KTDV DeHavilland Dash 8Q400 G-KTDV 0.00
B752 G-KTDW Boeing B757-200 G-KTDW 0.00
B752 G-KTDX Boeing B757-200 G-KTDX 0.00
B752 G-KTDY Boeing B757-200 G-KTDY 0.00
B752 G-KTDZ Boeing B757-200 G-KTDZ 0.00
B752 G-KTEA Boeing B757-200 G-KTEA 0.00
B752 G-KTEB Boeing B757-200 G-KTEB 0.00
B773 G-KTEC Boeing B777-300 G-KTEC 0.00
B773 G-KTED Boeing B777-300 G-KTED 0.00
B773 G-KTEE Boeing B777-300 G-KTEE 0.00
B773 G-KTEF Boeing B777-300 G-KTEF 0.00
B773 G-KTEG Boeing B777-300 G-KTEG 0.00
B773 G-KTEH Boeing B777-300 G-KTEH 0.00
B773 G-KTEI Boeing B777-300 G-KTEI 0.00
B773 G-KTEJ Boeing B777-300 G-KTEJ 0.00
B773 G-KTEK Boeing B777-300 G-KTEK 0.00
B773 G-KTEL Boeing B777-300 G-KTEL 0.00
B773 G-KTEM Boeing B777-300 G-KTEM 0.00
B773 G-KTEN Boeing B777-300 G-KTEN 0.00
B773 G-KTEO Boeing B777-300 G-KTEO 0.00
B773 G-KTEP Boeing B777-300 G-KTEP 0.00
B773 G-KTEQ Boeing B777-300 G-KTEQ 0.00
B773 G-KTER Boeing B777-300 G-KTER 0.00
B773 G-KTES Boeing B777-300 G-KTES 0.00
B773 G-KTET Boeing B777-300 G-KTEC 0.00
B773 G-KTEU Boeing B777-300 G-KTEU 0.00
Pilots Flight Salary 8,449.35